2.4G Wireless Gaming Headset
2.4G Wireless Gaming Headset
Interface type:3.5+7.1 interface                                                  
Driver unit:50mm                                                  
Sensibility:  118dB±3dB                                        
Speaker impedance:32Ω                                       
Frequency response:20Hz~20KHz                                      
Microphone head: 4015mm Omnidirectional                            
Sensibility:  -42±3dB                                      
3.5 cable lenth : Ø3.5*1.8米                                    
USB turn to 5 pin cable length: 1.8M                            
● Unique shape and durable headband
● Virtual 7.1 surround sound system  
● Protein slow rebound ear cushion,comfortable to wear
● Plug-in lever, easy to carry